This Week's Actions: Two Opportunities to Be Heard

"Paul Ryan holds multiple town hall meetings during Congressional recess, listens to constituents."

Great headline, right? Unfortunately, it's not going to happen. Congress is out of session this week, but Paul Ryan isn't holding any public events. Instead, he's holding fundraisers in Texas. 

We are listening to you, though. 

Many of you have been busy since the election visiting Paul Ryan's offices, calling his (switched off?) phones, and writing postcards. Keep it up! The more of us that rise up to be heard, the harder it will be for Ryan to ignore us. 

We would like to share two opportunities for you to be heard: 

  • RSVP for the Town Hall meeting on February 26. Sponsored by Forward Kenosha, this is an opportunity for people of Paul Ryan's district to speak up about what matters to them. Paul has been invited, but no word on whether he'll show. 
  • Share how a healthcare repeal will hurt your family. Paul Ryan's healthcare policies will hurt the people of his district, and we need to tell those stories. A real story from a neighbor is more powerful than all the commercials a campaign can buy, and we want to hear from you. 

It's easy for Paul Ryan to ignore us when he sits in an office thousands of miles away, surrounded by other millionaires. Let's make sure he hears us, even if he doesn't come to visit.